Charity Challenge 2021 – Week 1 Night 1

Charity Challenge 2021 – Week 1 Night 1

And we’re back for another year! Thank you for joining us as we raise a little money and hopefully some awareness for mental health this month. If you’re not sure what we’re doing here, I just put up a little explainer here. This is the first night of the challenge and Rachel and I are chomping at the bit to get going, so let’s go!

The Choice

Since I’m the reigning champion (did I mention I won last year?) Rachel get’s the first pick to get us started. This year Rachel isn’t messing around and she immediately is pulling one of her top win % games to get started the right way… Tonight Rachel has chosen Patchwork

The Game

Patchwork is a puzzle game where players use Tetris like shapes to fill in a 9 by 9 grid.  There are two currencies in the game: time and buttons.  Both of these currencies appear on every piece you buy, buttons are a currency you use to purchase different puzzle pieces and you track time on a board; time is limited so you need to balance pieces between buttons and time, if you go too far on the time track too quickly you won’t buy enough pieces to cover your board, but if you don’t build up a button engine on your board you won’t be able to afford pieces. Every few spaces on the time board you’ll get paid based on the number of buttons you have on your board.  It’s a puzzle that’s very fun to play for two players.  If you’d like a full overview of the game you can check out this video.

The Result

Well. Rachel played a Trump card and it didn’t let her down. We played best of 3 but it only took Rachel 2 games to destroy me. Hilariously we played the third game just for fun and I really kicked Rachel’s ass, but that doesn’t mean much, as the win for the day goes to Rachel. The score in game 1 was 24 to -19 (yes, that’s a minus) and game 2 was 19 to 2. I just couldn’t get my engine going and the sputtering meant I didn’t have a hope. Well played Rachel, well played. Join us again tomorrow as we carry on this journey together and with you all!

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