2018 Extra Life Board Game Challenge

2018 Extra Life Board Game Challenge

Rachel and I are back this year with our November Extra Life Board Game Challenge!  Just like last year we are raising money for Toronto’s Sick Kids hospital by playing a marathon solid month of board games.

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My daughter is turning 11 this November.  I am extremely lucky that during her life so far (knock on wood) she has been healthy and has not needed any major medical attention.  My friends Dan and Sarah were not so lucky.  A few years ago their son Desmond fell out of the third story window of their house and if it wasn’t for their Children’s Miracle Network hospital he probably wouldn’t be with us today.

I’m raising money for my kid, for her kids, for Desmond, for your kids, my friend’s kids and so that when the worst happens there’s somewhere to go that’s focused on taking care of our youngest and most vulnerable.

The Challenge

The challenge is simple.  Five weeks of board gaming, five nights a week.  One household board gaming champion.  Rachel built on her success in the first year of the challenge last year becoming the undisputed two time charity board gaming champion of the household.  Last year I did manage to close the gap and the competition came down to a single point – this year I intend to get my name on the trophy for the first time.  We’ve had a year of shit talking that’s come out of this and I’m eager to fight for the trophy just as Rachel is super keen to fight to retain it.

We’re ultimately doing this to raise money for kids but we are both very up for this with a lot of relationship, household and personal pride on the line.

The Rules

  • During the five weeks from November 7th to December 5th Rachel and Ryan will play board games five nights a week
  • Winning a game awards 1 point
  • The competition is played out in five competition weeks, a week is won by securing 3 of the 5 points available in a week
  • The ultimate winner of the competition is the person who wins the majority of competition weeks.

Current Standings

Just getting this party started!